Whether you are buying or selling residential real estate or commercial real estate, we can assist with all facets of real estate law, including property disclosure report, negotiations and contract terms and radon gas and lead-based paint disclosures.

Mark G. Schrader has considerable experience in the following:

  • Residential Sales. The firm orders title work, reviews title policies and assists the seller with the clearing of title objections. We can prepare contracts that provide greater protection to the seller, prepare the deed, review title company closing statements and appear with the seller at the closing.
  • Residential Purchases. Our attorneys can assist the buyer in minimizing the risks and pitfalls associated with purchasing a home and build into the contract opportunities for the buyer to avoid the purchase should the buyer’s conditions not be met. We will also review the title commitment, property inspection, appraisals and closing requirements.
  • Commercial Real Estate. These transactions are generally more complex and can involve extensive contract negotiations, testing of the property to be purchased and reviews of zoning, surveys, title, financing and land descriptions. Our attorneys can help you navigate that process and provide additional legal work if the property is occupied by an ongoing business or other tenant.
  • Transaction Documents. Our office can prepare real estate transaction documents such as a Warranty Deed, P-Tax form, mortgage, promissory note, easements, reciprocal easement agreements, Quilt-Claim Deed, bond for deed, escrow agreement, affidavit of adverse possession, notice of probate, subordination agreement, mechanic’s liens and releases, Lis Pendens, judgment liens, land trusts, covenants and restrictions and affidavits of joint tenancy and leases.
  • Business Litigation. When reasonable minds cannot agree, our office handles litigation involving residential and commercial real estate as well as evictions, foreclosures, enforcement of contract terms, specific performance of the contract, suit for damages, misrepresentation, concealment, breach of warranty, breach of contract, fraud, adverse possession, injunctions to prevent interference with an easement and enforcement of the right to use an easement.
  • Boundary Disputes. Our attorneys are well-versed in all aspects of disputes between neighbors, including property boundaries, construction issues or parking.
  • Eminent Domain. The government uses eminent domain to acquire private property for a public purpose. Our firm protects your rights and ensures full compensation when the government seeks to take your property.
  • Deed in Lieu. A deed in lieu of foreclosure conveys all interest in a property to the mortgagee to satisfy a loan that is in default to avoid foreclosure. Our lawyers can guide you through this process.